Six Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Vigour & Combat Ageing

Maintain an Agile & Active Mind

An agile and active mind is the next easy way to combat the negative effects of ageing. Think in a youthful manner and you will feel younger inside yourself. Don’t fixate on things. Remember that we are all constantly learning new things. We are never too old to discover a new approach to living. This idea that education is only applicable for young people going to school is ridiculous, we are always learning. The mind may have greater plasticity in the first couple of decades of our lives, but we can still improve our understanding of things if we remain open. Shut down people are like those zombies you see at the movies, shuffling toward oblivion and off this mortal coil.

Ginseng for Better Memory Functioning

Ginseng is another example of the keen understanding of human health held by the ancient Chinese healers and sages. Traditional Chinese Medicine has brought us a vast number of natural substances and techniques, which remain effective to this day. Herbal medicine offers us all the health benefits of antioxidants like ginseng to reduce inflammation, stimulate brain function, and boost our immune systems. A ginseng supplement can aid with memory function and help with our cellular health across the board.

A Good Diet

A good diet is another easy way to rejuvenate vigour and combat ageing. Our diets are affected by a number of psychological considerations. What we eat is influenced by personal, familial and cultural factors. Many of us have heard the expression ‘comfort food’, these foods can, often, be unhealthy foods which bear associations with how we may have covered up feelings of vulnerability or other negative emotional states of some description. Pushing down feelings by stuffing ourselves with comfort foods. Breaking the psychological link and these cycles through self-awareness can free us from the damaging effects of a poor diet. Eating moderate amounts of healthy food can facilitate feelings of wellbeing and vigour.


Calcium rich foods and a calcium supplement can be beneficial to many in finding an easy way to look and feel younger. Plant based calcium supplements are ideal for those wishing to increase their calcium intake without overdoing the dairy products. Healthy bones and teeth make you feel more youthful for longer.