Sleep for Weight Loss

Why Sleep Is the No. 1 Most Important Thing for a Better Body

Even with the very best diet and fitness routine, if sleep is off, you're wrecked. Here's why.

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No More Varicose Veins


Memory Mate is a therapeutic formula to aid and improve your memory function. Furthermore it can help with the relief of headaches and improves your peripheral circulation. It can also improve the health of your veins.

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Hostility, Depression & Heart Disease

© David S. Sobel MD

Newly released results of two important studies add to the accumulation of evidence that chronic hostility and chronic depression are major risk factors in heart disease. For many patients, it may be as important to learn and practice skills for managing these emotional states as it is to quit smoking, manage cholesterol, and exercise.

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Hawthorn Hero in our Heart Mate

Herbal Remedy, Hawthorn Extract, Can Help The Heart, Review Finds

Jan. 23, 2012 - Adding another twist to the ongoing debate over the value of an herbal treatment for patients with heart failure, a new review of existing research suggests that hawthorn extract "significantly" improves symptoms.

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© Brigitte Mars

(Excerpted from Rawsome! Maximizing Health, Energy, and Culinary Delight With the Raw Foods Diet)

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